Grow Your Charity's Fundraising Income Even If You Have Limited Resources

Fundraising Training for Senior Fundraisers and Charity Leaders

Online Training to Help You Run & Grow Your Fundraising

Master the new skills you need to improve key areas of your fundraising

The Fundraising Growth Formula Course

How to grow your fundraising without growing your staff base. 

Learn how to get much more out of what you already have. 

The Fundraising Growth Formula course shows you how to embed my successful formula into your fundraising. 

This course is for senior fundraisers and charity leaders who want to connect to new funders and to grow your income, even if you do not have an existing network.   

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Fundraising Consultancy

One to one consultancy on how to grow your fundraising by using what you have already more strategically.

I raised over £7m pa with a team of 2 from multiple income streams. 

Put leverage into your fundraising internally and externally, by knowing what your FOUR key money drivers are and how to use them well.

You have everything you need to grow your income already, you just need to know how to set it up to win.

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Team Training

Online team training sessions - to create a "done with you fundraising strategy".

I can apply and adapt years of successful fundraising and lived experience to your team's needs.  In one day I can take your team (or just selected members) through a strategy creation day.

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If you would like to receive a "value bomb" on how to grow your fundraising each week - jump in here

For information please contact 

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 07931 760 346 (UK number)


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